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My Letter on the Zimmerman verdict as it appeared in 7/25/13 Contra Costa Times

FLORIDA VERDICT WAS ABOUT RACE Paraphrasing Charles Dickens: “’If the law supposes (George Zimmerman wasn’t responsible, then) the law is a ass, a idiot.” Zimmerman’s jury found him “not guilty,” but racism interprets that verdict to mean “innocent” in Trayvon … Continue reading

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Why should only the poor and middle classes support Social Security? Congressman Proposes No More Cap on Social Security Tax for the Wealthy By Diane Sweet U.S. Rep. Rush Holt has launched the third in his series of whiteboard videos … Continue reading

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The Percentage of American households under the “middle class” designation has fallen.

“According to the Pew Research Center, in 1971, 61% of all American households fell under the “middle class” designation. Today, that number is 51%. And, right now, 35 percent of U.S. households live on $35,000 or less each year.” Source: … Continue reading

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My Letter on Race as published in the July 22 edition of The San Francisco Chronicle

Look to the sources of violence Crocodile tears, racially-tinged sophistry and misplaced umbrage in The Chronicle letters on the Zimmerman verdict obligate me to disabuse some of their most unabashed misrepresentations. Despite some writers’ presumptions, many of all the people … Continue reading

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These TEA Party NUTS are the real RACISTS! And too many lemmings in the GOP want to follow them over a CLIFF! This Obama bashing is from 2010!  It never STOPS! And these same nitwits today are painting President Obama’s … Continue reading

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See Why GOP/Tea Party Idiots Believe Falsehoods! Just how harmful is right-wing propaganda? Why are angry, ignorant, regressive racists in the GOP/Tea Party so stupid? This video uploaded by Media Matters answers those questions. Even though the video is from … Continue reading

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If you don’t have – MAKE I you like music, if you love music, if you REALLY, REALLY LOVE MUSIC, then you MUST WATCH this.What the world needs now is … music.

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