We have a long way to go before we’ll live in an egalitarian world

Anyone who thinks America is post-racial needs to wake up and smell the coffee. A mere 13 years ago, THIRTY YEARS after the Civil Rights Act of 1965, this really happened. Here is one woman’s story:
Written By Kaeylyn Hunt
This Injustice with Trayvon only makes the searing Pain in my Heart grow hotter.It takes me back to 1995,when I was in my OWN Family’s restaurant with two male friends after My cousins wedding.One was black,one Hispanic.The black male was actually a VERY valued employee of my Cousin who owned the restaurant,the other,a Hispanic male,had accompanied me as a good gentleman friend to my other Cousin’s Wedding that night,when Finals had left me without Possession of +1.
They were both well known to my family,and well liked.
As we sat in the restaurant,all three of us young Professionals,laughing,joking eating,having Steaming Oysters and just generally enjoying Life and each other’s Company like everyone else in the place,I will NEVER.EVER FORGET,the hand that clamped my Shoulder mid laugh.it was to this day,one of THE most chilling feelings I’ve EVER had.
It was the Hand of My very own Cousin,my Family,grasping so hard on my shoulder it left a bruise.The next was a hot,venomous Hissing in My ear that said” WHAT do you think you’re doing sitting here with a N**** and a S***??The Next thing we know,all three of us are being manhandled and told we have to leave.We were SO very confused,and hurt.But,not wanting to make a scene,we tried to pay and leave through the front door.NOT happening.Our Money,thrown to the ground,our table flipped and kicked,,told our Money was”tainted”.We were made to leave through the Kitchen,past the Dumpsters full of garbage and out The back Door.
.HOW Humiliating with everyone watching,yet NO ONE doing anything.All the while my OWN Family screaming at me how embarrassed they were,how dare I “embarrass” them ,what was I thinking,and who exactly did I think I was to sit in front of everyone like that,and why did I think that me being the only halfbreed in the family could imagine I could get away with such shi*,hell,I was already an embarrassment as it was?”..
Hot Tears,Cold Rage,surrounded by my own Family and their Goon bouncers all the way to our car in the parking Lot with admonitions if we ever came back like that,expect pain.Then,the biggest slap of all,My own cousin looking at the Black man he called a friend and employee that he had just did this to and asked him” You ARE coming in tomorrow aren’t you?”.My friend,my beautiful,beautiful friend,with hot tears streaming down his cheeks,just looked at him and shook his head while he grabbed my hand,and I grabbed My friend Jose’s hand,and we all locked arms,and walked Proudly,even whilst crying to our Car.
.I will NEVER forget that night,being told since I was a “Halfbreed” what a disgrace I was,and even moreso for sitting with those two like I did,that hell,I should be raped,just so I knew who was Boss.NOTHING can prepare you for such heinous,awful hate,and strangers are bad enough,to be ogled everywhere,constantly looked down on,Police ask you how much you cost,thinking you’re a Hooker when all you are doing is walking to the store with your kids,ALL for being born various shades of brown…
Unless you have been there,you DON’T get it,you never will,no matter WHAT.we were ALL engineering majors,with professional day Jobs,never been in trouble,yet the color of our skin mattered more,especially to the middle Upper class whites in there, who saw our friendship as a threat to THEIR whitebread establishment,who only saw what they WANTED to see,instead of what really was.
So I NEVER again want to hear some racist POS say” if only Blacks/Hispanics/Natives would act like this”..because it’s BULLCRAP!They don’t care HOW much money you have,Position you hold(see Obama),if you aren’t white,you’re sub-human to them,and your Life to them DOES NOT MATTER.
That Pain haunts me in my dreams,and to see yet another innocent fall victim to such an archaic,reactionary,fearful and Ignorant mindset,just breaks my heart,tears me up inside and makes a rage I cannot begin to describe,one,born of utter heartbreak,pain,and Longing,of wondering WHY?And now,thanks to this Travesty of Justice,those like me get to relive these kinds of moments,Moments we experience daily, all over again.
I knew we hadn’t progressed much,but I had hoped we’d be beyond stalking,and killing in cold Blood and lying calling it self defense.Patriotism?You folks want patriotism?Then show US first that This Nation actually gives a damn about us”halfbreeds”,us Brown and Black who built this nation from the sweat of our brow,and endured what no other Human could.,THEN maybe,just maybe we’ll wave the flag.Until then,it’s a Flag of another Nation we have never been a part of,and NOT for lack of trying.
let Freedom ring Indeed,so that another brown Child NEVER has to be Humiliated and brutally murdered at the hands of those who hate them solely based on their skin ever again..The MountainTop is obscured by clouds of deep,dark racism. DON’T let what MLK died for,what so many worked so hard for,swung from the trees as”Strange fruit “for be in vain..
July 20, 2013

Watch These Disgusting Right Wing Reactions To Obama’s Trayvon Martin Comments!
Yesterday, President Obama explained to white America, what it’s like to be black in America. And the racist right-wing freaked the **** out! The President

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