“Should Zimmerman have been acquitted?

 Paraphrasing Charles Dickens: “’If the law supposes [Zimmerman wasn’t responsible, then] the law is a ass, a idiot.” Sure, Zimmerman’s jury found him “not guilty” but racism interprets that verdict to mean “innocent” in Trayvon Martin’s wrongful death.

Florida has a long history of incorrectly acquitting white-on-black crime. Racism holds Martin, the victim of violence to a higher standard of conduct than his aggressor. This court contradicted reality when it naïvely purported this trial “wasn’t about race.”
Florida law failed Martin – through racially-charged bias – when an armed white adult was unquestionably presumed justified in shooting an unarmed black juvenile, when it should’ve pondered the legal probability that Martin had lawfully stood his ground too.
Racists employ specious speculation, putting Martin on trial by presuming he “started the fight” and “should’ve retreated” yet ironically declare that Zimmerman had no such obligation despite being implored to stand down.
The tangible evil triggering this tragedy is the ALEC promulgated, legally flawed, and unequally-applied sophistry called “Stand your ground,” which enables and encourages needless violence and must be repealed.
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