My Letter on Race as published in the July 22 edition of The San Francisco Chronicle

Look to the sources of violence

Crocodile tears, racially-tinged sophistry and misplaced umbrage in The Chronicle letters on the Zimmerman verdict obligate me to disabuse some of their most unabashed misrepresentations. Despite some writers’ presumptions, many of all the people protesting George Zimmerman’s unjust exoneration also vehemently objected to O.J. Simpson’s outrageous acquittal.

That they’re somehow selective racists is specious pandering. And only selectively blind and cold-hearted people could have missed the many times this white man has read of and seen the African American community and the likes of Al Sharpton get worked up about black-on-black crime. Thinking otherwise, by definition, is racism. I have joined many blacks and whites who’ve vociferously decried all concomitant violence precipitated by the failed war on drugs which has become a de facto tool of minority oppression upon black youths who all face employment and civil rights discrimination.


Follow up comment:

The drug trade is one of the FEW “jobs” that an otherwise inexperienced minority child can gain easy entry into. That many consider drug “crime” as a victimless thing is well known. The REAL crime associated with drug dealing often is its mere illegality. And it is that illegality that attracts “regular” criminals into the mix. These career criminals prey on these youth, robbing and assaulting them, confident that a suspicion of Law Enforcement will shield their trespasses.

And the next day the papers and the newscasters will declare another violent “drug related” crime has occurred, all neglecting to inform the readers, listeners and viewers that the DRUG ITSELF DID NOT “cause” the crime, but in fact it was the drug-law that enabled the criminals to act with relative impunity.

The “War on Drugs” is in fact a tool of minority oppression, which occasionally snares poor white trash, but which almost never claims the wealthy or “connected” drug users.

It is a total waste of lives and resources. Treat drug abuse as a health issue, relieve prison overcrowding and hire minority youth to clean up our country and everyone can live in a better world.

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