My Letter on the Zimmerman verdict as it appeared in 7/25/13 Contra Costa Times


Paraphrasing Charles Dickens: “’If the law supposes (George Zimmerman wasn’t responsible, then) the law is a ass, a idiot.”

Zimmerman’s jury found him “not guilty,” but racism interprets that verdict to mean “innocent” in Trayvon Martin’s wrongful death.

Florida has a long history of incorrectly acquitting white-on-black crime. Racism holds Martin, the victim of violence, to a higher standard of conduct than his aggressor. This court contradicted reality when purporting this trial “wasn’t about race.”

Florida law failed Martin – through racially charged bias – when an armed white adult was presumed justified in shooting an unarmed black juvenile, when it should’ve pondered the legal probability Martin lawfully stood his ground too.

Racists employ specious speculation, putting Martin on trial by presuming he “started the fight” and “should’ve retreated” yet ironically declare that Zimmerman had no such obligation despite being implored to stand down.

The tangible evil triggering this tragedy is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) promulgated, legally flawed and unequally applied sophistry called “Stand your ground,” which enables and encourages needless violence and must be repealed.

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2 Responses to My Letter on the Zimmerman verdict as it appeared in 7/25/13 Contra Costa Times

  1. Ed, I thoughts you and your readers might also want to consider the reasoning I resonated with contained in a letter (WCT) this morning:
    Justice certainly was not served
    I am deeply disturbed by those who proclaim “justice was served” in the Trayvon Martin case.
    It should be a crime, beyond any reasonable doubt, for a man to take a loaded gun, ignore instructions from an emergency dispatcher, stalk an innocent teenager and kill him after a confrontation that, regardless of who swung first or who swung at all, was the result of the killer’s aggressive behavior.
    But under Florida’s stand-your-ground law, “justice was served.” While Florida may be the worst state, it’s not alone. Some 20 states have passed similar laws due to lobbying by the NRA and ALEC, and passed by tea party Republican legislatures. It is they who are guilty of murdering Martin.
    How many more will die before these awful laws are taken off the books? In the meantime, the lessons are clear: If you are black and living in a stand-your-ground state, arm yourself and, when you feel threatened, shoot to kill. If you don’t carry a gun, stay out of Florida.
    John Bursch, Martinez

    • Ed Chainey says:

      Thank you Ron. I read John Bursch’s letter this morning, and concurred with and admired his well chosen words.
      He spoke what many of us are thinking and feeling about “justice” in America and our tattered concept of Equal Protection Under The Law.

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