Stop the Drug Wars usurpation of everyone’s rights!

Big Brother is checking your packages.

You right to privacy has been lost due to the War on Drugs – even if you’ve never used drugs. For a civil liberty/libertarian point of view I used to say “It should be called ‘The War on Drug Users'” – but after reading this article, it’s clear the war on drugs so far oversteps its mandate as to be a war on everyone’s privacy & civil rights!
Besides being a health, public safety, economic & environmental morass which squanders $billions, the War on Drug s has failed at its most salient purpose – stopping drugs abuse. Let’s decriminalize “soft” drugs – and treat their users for the mental and health issues they clearly have. Empty the prisons of the non-violent drug “offenders”, and put them to mandatory but honest work rebuilding our nations infrastructure for pay – payrolls are much cheaper than prisons. Regulate and tax pot. Place it under the auspices of agencies like the FDA, BATF and/or state Alcohol Beverage Commissions. And keep it away from our schools and children – which the last 40 years of drug warring has FAILED to do.

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